Writing Competitions – September 2017 | Writing and Publishing My Book

Tweet Why enter writing competitions? It’s one thing to write, and another entirely different proposition getting others to actually read what you have written. Here is a list of writing competitions, awards, fairs, festivals and other book markets with deadlines in September, 2017. Find one or more that fits with your style and submit your work! …

How to get people to review your book | Writing and Publishing My Book

It’s an age-old problem for authors – how do you get people to review your book? Once you have exhausted your mother, father, brother, sister, wife/husband, and pet rabbit, how do you get others to actually read and write a review for your book on Amazon? What if you could connect with people who …

How to sell more books | Writing and Publishing My Book

I am often asked, “how can I sell more books?”   There are more answers to that question than one could possibly provide in a year or more of talking and explaining, so rather than re-invent the wheel, I recommend the following three books as the best I have come across that give …

Write something worth reading | Writing and Publishing My Book

This is an interesting quote by Benjamin Franklin… and it’s an interesting way to live and to write. Whatever you do, and whatever you write, make sure it is something that moves you! Make sure that your writing inspires people… Make sure that it makes them think… Don’t settle for living a life that is not worth writing about – nor writing anything less than something worthy of investing the time to read…

Page numbers are done… | Writing and Publishing My Book

If you are like most people, you have a book inside you that is longing, yearning to come out! Make a START! Write an outline – write a possible heading – write SOMETHING! One step at a time – that’s all it takes – and before you know it, if you keep taking those one step after one step actions, your book will be done!

Keep forging ahead… Never Quit! | Writing and Publishing My Book

Confucius was spot on (as he usually is) with this quote. I was watching a clip of Will Smith talking about the way to build a brick wall – it’s not about fretting over the size of the task ahead of you, it’s about consistently laying one perfectly laid brick, one after the next… Whatever task you have ahead of you, think about it in terms only of the next brick…

Writing competitions for January 2015 | Writing and Publishing My Book

If you want to have a focus for your writing, here is a list of competitions that have closing dates during January (and including the day before and the day after). If you need any help with your submissions, please reach out!

Children’s Book Publishing in the 21st Century: A Children’s Literary Salon | Writing and Publishing My Book

The main branch of the New York Public Library provided respite from the drizzle and crowds of umbrella-carrying holiday shoppers, as children’s book