Today's Office… | Luxurious Nomad

It’s a hard life when this is your office for the day… The cruise ship, Ocean Majesty was in the harbour for a visit… …and it’s a good thing they are not superstitious about name changes, as she has been called: 1966–1985: Juan March 1985–1986: Sol Christina 1986–1988: Kypros Star 1988–1994: Ocean Majesty 1994–1995: Olympic 1995: Homeric 1995 onwards: Ocean Majesty These …

Today’s Office – Marina-Side in Torquay | Leigh (Bella) St John

I love my offices..! Over the past week or so I have been really ramping up my physio and both today and yesterday even felt up to going for a walk around Torquay – literally ‘around’ – along the waterfront. … Continue reading