Marketing Basics for Writers – Book Marketing Resources

hello everybody a lot of you been asking me hey Jenna when are you going to do a vlog about marketing for writers never just kidding this is the marketing vlog it’s happening right now I’m going to list the basic easiest most essential marketing techniques that all writers can employ in order to widen their potential audience reach a few things to keep in mind I’m going to be giving you an overview of each of these tools

Book Marketing on a Budget: Planning a Book Marketing Campaign that Works – Book Marketing Resources

hey Henry and publish and sell calm readers my name is Stacey Cochran and I am the author of clause which has just been published on May fifteenth 2009 and I’m going to talk a little bit about the book today and specifically how to market a self-published book

12 Book Marketing Strategies You Need to Be Successful – Book Marketing Resources

hey guys it’s Ryan from pinnacle publishing calm today I want to talk about effective book marketing strategies and techniques book marketing is one of the toughest things to do out there I mean creating the book is easy publishing the book is easy marketing the book not so easy it’s where almost all authors stumble fall

Book Marketing: Facebook Advertising For Authors With Mark Dawson – Book Marketing Resources

hi everyone I’m Johanna pen from the creative pen calm and today I’m here with Mark Dolson hi mark hello Joe how are you I’m good and welcome back on the show and just a little introduction for anyone who doesn’t know you mark is an internationally best-selling thriller author

Book Marketing, Book Promotion, Book Publicity and Creative eBook Marketing Ideas – Book Marketing Resources

if you have ever wondered how to market a book or any other information product then you in for a treat because today we’ll look at very creative strategies of how to promote your book your video or any other information product

International Book Marketing Strategies with Marc Reklau | PPP110 – Book Marketing Resources

hey Mark welcome the show hi Tom thanks for having me absolutely it’s great to have you here so close eee listen absolutely great to have you so if those are you listening you haven’t met mark yet mark rec lau as a house on your name yeah correct great mark rec lao is a coach speaker and best-selling author of the Amazon bestseller 30 days change your habits change your life which since April 2015 has been downloaded over a hundred thousand times on amazon

The 6 Key Foundations for Book Marketing Success – Ebook Publishing School 2.0 Video 3 – Book Marketing Resources

hey there is tom personals number one best-selling author of the kindle publishing Bible series and founder of TCK publishing welcome to ebook coverage in school 2.0 this is video number three in this video we’re going to talk about the six key foundations for marketing success

Kindle Publishing: The Best Book Marketing Strategy – Book Marketing Resources

what’s up everyone Sandra here thank you for watching today so today we’re going to be talking about the perma free book marketing strategy now this means having a book permanently free on Amazon the biggest ebook store there is now let’s talk about why you want to do it and how do you do it if you choose to do so so why giving away free stuff is a marketing strategy that’s been used for a very long time