New Guaranteed Author Interview Series (…& it’s FREE!)

I’m thrilled to announce that something I’ve wanted to do for some time is actually becoming a reality next week!

If you’re like me, you love learning from people who have already been there, learned the lessons and achieved what you want to achieve…

So, commencing next week, we are launching the “Guaranteed Author Interview Series” where I will talk with authors (both famous and not so famous) about their journey from initial idea to published work and beyond.

In these free webinars, you’ll get to see them on video answering a range of questions about the entire process of developing, writing, publishing, marketing and selling their book – and even send in your questions..!

I’m really excited!!!

If you haven’t already registered at make sure you do so ASAP so you get the emails giving you the details of the webinar!

Talk soon…


Your Coach, Leigh St John

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