The funny thing about life is, sometimes there are opportunities staring us in the face yet we’re so oblivious to their presence. It could be the potential for a new relationship, the excitement in a new job, or the possibility of moving to a new city. Yet, somehow, we manage to ‘miss’ these opportunities and decide to stay on a path that feels safe and comfortable.

But what if these opportunities could change our lives for the better? What if we had the potential to be even happier than we are now? Why choose to be content, when you can choose to be happy instead?

eyesopportunitiesIn order to make use of these opportunities, we must first realise that they exist to begin with.

Here are 6 ways to open your eyes to opportunities.

1. Leave the past behind

Often, we are so focused on the door that has closed, we don’t realise that another one has opened for us.

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Posted by Leigh St John – Google+

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