What is an ‘expert’ these days?

It used to be that an “expert” was someone at the top of their field, someone you could turn to for advice because they had the knowledge and experience to provide such advice…

If you are in the arena of life coaching, personal development or internet marketing, you would have been bombarded for the past couple of years with the catch-phrase “you need to brand yourself as the expert!”

I came across one of these “experts” – a student I had taught years ago.  She was in her 30s, had never had a job, never been married, nor had children, still lived at home with her parents and was on welfare.  When we ran into each other, she proudly told me about her new ‘business’ and gave me her card – under her name it read “Expert Life Coach”.

This woman had completed a weekend training course and was now calling herself an ‘expert life coach’.

There are people like John Ramsey who hold the bar high in this field – there are people like the well-known names in the personal development arena who have devoted their life to becoming an expert in that field – and the same goes for some internet marketers who have been in the industry long enough to earn their stripes.

I guess I’m just a little baffled and perhaps a little disappointed that collectively we have lowered our standards so far…

Here’s to true ‘experts’ who have done their time, learned their lessons and have the courage and determination to continue to do more time, and learn more lessons, all so they can pass their hard-earned knowledge on to the rest of us.

PS:  I do wish the woman I mentioned every happiness and success – and perhaps she will learn to become an expert…

Until next time…

Leigh St John

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