How do you live a life filled with ‘abundance’? (Blog a Day Challenge ~ Y1:M1:Day15)

How do you live a life filled with ‘abundance’?

I’m asked this question by many people and in many different formats, many times…

Personally, I have experienced both incredible abundance, and incredible lack (and anywhere in between) ~ and from personal experience the causation for both abundance and lack is exactly the same!

It all comes down to how you FEEL.

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. Epictetus

…and I know it sounds absurdly simple, however that’s truly the key!

Know what you want, focus completely on how it FEELS to have what you want, and then take INSPIRED ACTION to attain what you want!

By inspired action, I don’t mean going through the motions.  I mean…  You know the feeling when sometimes you get a thought and you just have to take action on that thought?  It just feels… ‘right’?  That’s INSPIRED ACTION.

Look at everything as a miracle ~ look at everyone as wonderful ~ look at everything that happens as a blessing…

>>>   FEEL ABUNDANT!   <<<

It may sound like mumbo-jumbo and a re-run of “Pollyanna”, however it the best answer I can give you on how to attract abundance on every level.

So, the question then becomes, what are YOU going to do to live YOUR life of abundance?

Until next time…



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