They’re not here forever… (Blog a Day Challenge ~ Y1:M1:Day12)

Do you know your parents?

What about your grandparents?

Are your great-grandparents still alive?

I was talking with a very good friend tonight and we were discussing those who go before us, the lessons they have to teach us, and how, too often, they are gone before we take the time to listen and learn those lessons.

My post tonight is about just that…

Many years ago (almost 25 years ago now), my grandmother (not my great-grandmother who largely raised me, but my father’s mother) took ill and said she kept holding on until I came to visit.

This was the equivalent of travelling from New York to Miami – not a long way, however at the time was out of my budget to even fly that far.

Time went by and she kept asking when I would come, and I kept saying “soon”.  I figured she would just hold on until I get together the money to get there…

I kept saying “soon”…  “soon”…  “soon”…

…and one day I had run out of “soon” days…  She passed away.

For those of you with parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents who are still living, consider that one day you will run out of “soon”.

Think about what it would mean to visit with them, video tape them, record their memories, their hopes, their dreams…

They’re not here forever…

Until next time…

…and in honor of Pamela’s mother…



Leigh St John

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