Fluffy friends… (Blog a Day Challenge ~ Y1:M1:Day10)

Through the night last night, Gizmo was a sick little pooch and, like any good mom-of-a-fluffy, I stayed up with him, and made sure he was ok.  He’s still not well today, however he is a little better.  If he’s not back to normal tomorrow morning, it’s off to the fluffy doctor for him.

It’s funny how our furry companions can become so important in our lives.

What is it we get from them that fills such a special place in our lives?

Or is it rather what we give?  Is it that they allow us to love them unconditionally?  Think about it.  Do you have people in your world who you love, however for whatever reason they don’t accept your love?

Maybe that’s part of it…  Maybe our fluffy friends simply let us be us ~ and they let us love them.

…and maybe we all need someone to love who is not going to second-guess our affection, who is not going to feel they have to return the compassion, who doesn’t think there’s an ulterior motive…

Some of us have that with our husband, wife or partner; some of us have that with our best friends; some of us have that with our fluffy friends; and the really lucky ones have it with them all.

Wherever you are in life, may you be blessed with someone (two-legged or four) who allows you to love them unconditionally and who accepts you just as you are.

Until next time, my friends…


Leigh St John


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