What is FAMILY? (Blog a Day Challenge ~ Y1:M1:Day8)

I seem to be my very own version of the “Twilight Zone” lately.

For those of you who know me, you know that my friends are my “family” and that I have little if any contact with my biological relations.

In the past couple of weeks however, I have been literally inundated with emails and messages from people I have not seen or heard from since I was a child/teenager – including some I have never even met, who simply know people I’m related to and/or people I knew back then.

I have no idea what prompted this deluge of “will you do this?” or “will you give me that?”  None of the requests to which I refer were just to say hello, however each played the ‘family’ card in their request.

Obviously I must have done something to manifest it – however the more interesting question for me, is “what is FAMILY?”

I don’t know what “family” means to you…

Is family simply biological or is it something more?

For me, “family” is that group of people for whom I would drop everything and be there if they needed me – whether it’s because they need help; whether it’s to share a monumental happiness; or to share a monumental sadness…  If they need me, I’m there!

We may agree or disagree.  We may have our close times and our falling out times.

…and still, we are ‘family’.

It’s a bond of love I feel in my soul, and with some members of my chosen ‘family’ it’s even a bond where I immediately feel/sense/know if they are in trouble, even though we may not have spoken for many months.

So “what is family?”

I believe that’s a relative and subjective question open to interpretation for each and every individual.

Whatever family means to you, may you be blessed with an abundance of love, health and happiness.

Until next time…


Leigh St John

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