“Let go, let God” ~ Blog a Day Challenge ~ Day 7

Let go, let God

I was talking with a very dear friend last night about my understanding of the phrase “let go, let God”.

At one time, many years ago now, I thought it meant we are supposed to  just let go and see what happens – and unfortunately all that resulted in was an undesirable freefall!  I missed the most important part…

“Let go, let God” is a two-part phrase.

It’s not just about letting go, throwing up your hands and going wherever the wind blows you.  That’s merely the first part – and the first part in isolation!

It’s about knowing what you want and then letting go of the control, trusting in a higher power, listening to the messages that higher power gives you, and following your bliss.

For me, “Let go, let God” is about having faith and then trusting in a way where you release your (perceived) control of the outcome.

Consider trying it ~ you may end up somewhere even more magnificent than you first dreamed…

Until next time…


Leigh St John

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