Giving is the best way to receive… (Blog a Day Challenge – Day 5)

I don’t know what you did on Christmas Day…  Me?  I decided to go to the movies (saw “The King’s Speech” ~ AMAZING!!! ~ anyway, that’s not what this post is about) then to dinner with friends (and THAT’S what this is all about!).

I met an incredible 80 year old lady at the cinema and invited her for a Christmas drink afterward, as she had no where else to go other than home alone.

I was due for pre-dinner drinks and then Christmas dinner at the home of two beautiful friends, Marnie and Gloria.  When I sent a text letting them know why I’d be a little late, they invited this wonderful woman to have Christmas dinner with their family.

So, that’s what we did ~ and it was an incredibly special night.

I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I felt for having ‘adopted’ this articulate, interesting and talented senior lady ~ and for being invited to be part of an extended family for Christmas.

If you want to know how to ‘receive’?

The answer is ‘give’!

Wishing everyone ~ and especially the beautiful Gambit family ~ a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2011!

Until next time…


Leigh St John

1 Comment

  1. Leigh: Sounds like a perfect Christmas. Christmas Eve I
    helped feed the families at Shade Tree and you are so so right,
    giving is the ultimate JOY!!! You ROCK young lady. Keith

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