Create Something ~ BE Something ~ DO Something! (Blog a Day Challenge – Day 4)

“If you would create something, you must be something.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

…and not suggesting that one can improve upon Goethe, however I would add “and DO something!”

Too often we want the ‘quick fix’ or the ‘instant success’ – and yes, that can be terrific, however part of the joy of life is in the ‘doing’.

At the moment, I’m rebuilding my online business and it’s so interesting to see posts from people who have bought ‘quick profit’ programs and expect them to magically and instantly generate thousands of dollars for them without doing any work!

…ok, so part of the reason for that goes to the marketers who suggest such things are possible, however perhaps what is needed is a little more realism on both the part of the marketer and the purchaser/budding internet entrepreneur.

Decide what you want to CREATE…

Decide what you want to BE…

Then DO something about it!

Until next time…


Leigh St John

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