Invitation: 95 years old and still jogging!

Hi there!

I’d like to personally invite you to the show!

I’d love it if you would join us for the filming of:

Passion!”  What is it, Who has it, and how You find Yours!

It’s all about people who have discovered their passion and are living examples of what’s possible…

The inaugural guest is a wonderful woman, Dot Johnson, who is 95 years old and still enjoys jogging! – and the program screens live on the Internet at 5:30pm, so I’d love to have a full room of support for Dot!

At 95 years of age, Dot’s story is inspiring…

I don’t know about you, but I know I can learn a lot from this amazing woman – and I believe it’s up to all of us to show our support for one of our more senior citizens – VERY senior – who has paved the way for the life the rest of us enjoy today.

View the short promo:  (and we were testing lighting when we shot this promo so please forgive it for being a little dark)

If you are in Las Vegas:

WHERE:  Artisan Hotel, 1501 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas NV 89102 and it’s directly under the 15.  The entrance is a little tricky to find and it’s all valet parking.

WHEN:  THIS FRIDAY, August 28th at 5:30pm for the show and from 6:00pm to join us for “After Show Drinks”.

HOW MUCH:  No charge – just pay for your own drinks and bring your smiles and support!

MORE INFO ~ and my cell is (702) 497-1203.

If you are NOT in Las Vegas:

…and if you’re not in Las Vegas, you can view the show LIVE at 5:30pm on Friday 28th August, 2009 USA Pacific Time at

PLUS – you can still email your support and post comments on my blog…

Thank you in advance for your support!

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