Pinocchio’s Oak of the Witches – Luxurious Nomad

Off waaaaaaaay into the Italian countryside in search of a tree?  But not just any tree… On the 7th of March, the 600-year old oak tree known as the “Quercia di Pinocchio” and located in the park of Villa Carrara in San Martino in Colle (Capannori, Lucca) became a national monument.

Vienna to Venice via the Weltmachine (World Machine) – Luxurious Nomad

Our adventure started before we even left the rental car place…  I couldn’t find where to release the parking brake on this push-button Mercedes!  ? Leaving the rental yard, and having the obligatory “gute fahte” message… We were on our way from Vienna to Italy… Our first adventure was to find the incredible Weltmaschine…

Sunset carriage ride through Vienna – Luxurious Nomad

What is one to do on a lovely evening in Vienna?  Take a sunset carriage ride, of course! Founded by Emperor Joseph I in 1707, Dorotheum is still operating as one of the world’s oldest major auction houses. The Ankeruhr clock offers a small special feature at 12 o’clock noon.

Spanish Riding School of Vienna – Luxurious Nomad

What a strange day…  I managed to purchase online the absolute, very best seat in the house to see the world-famous Spanish Dancing Horses here in Vienna – front row centre. Before leaving the apartment, I something quite sad happened, and the vibration of that seemed to then follow me…

Fiaker stables and carriage ride through Vienna – Luxurious Nomad

What a marvellous morning!  Renee, Bethany, and I started at the Fiaker stables – the Fiaker are the Viennese horse-drawn carriages… Marco took us into the stables and we were able to get up close and personal with the horses… The police on the intersection above were doing a roaring trade…….. Heavenly…