Writing Competitions – June 2018 | Writing and Publishing My Book

Tweet Why enter writing competitions? It’s one thing to write, and another entirely different proposition getting others to actually read what you have written. Here is a list of writing competitions, awards, fairs, festivals and other book markets with deadlines in June, 2018. Find one or more that fits with your style and submit your work! …

Book Marketing Strategies – Book Marketing Resources

– launch – launch my book trust fun all fifties hit number one in multiple categories on amazon.com Facebook feed people with pictures of this book right here in headquarters of amazon.com which over the last few days my buddy Brian Jay Johnson has completely owned dominated and taken over with his book trust fall Brian G Johnson from the trust fund book Felicia Slattery shared plans for your book launch our amazing better than anything I’ve ever seen and Marlon Sanders

Book Marketing – How to reach a million people with your book – Book Marketing Resources

how to reach a million people with your book if you’re an author if you have an idea or if you have a business that you want to reach a lot of people you want to reach a million people you need to create a movement

The Basics of Marketing Your Book – Book Marketing Resources

hi guys welcome back to my channel last week we discuss the different avenues that you can take to publish your book either traditional publishing or self-publishing no matter which route you take one thing stands true you as the author will be mostly responsible for the marketing and promotion of your book even with a traditional publisher authors are expected to grow their author platform

Marketing Basics for Writers – Book Marketing Resources

hello everybody a lot of you been asking me hey Jenna when are you going to do a vlog about marketing for writers never just kidding this is the marketing vlog it’s happening right now I’m going to list the basic easiest most essential marketing techniques that all writers can employ in order to widen their potential audience

Book Marketing: Facebook Advertising For Authors With Mark Dawson – Book Marketing Resources

hi everyone I’m Johanna pen from the creative pen calm and today I’m here with Mark Dolson hi mark hello Joe how are you I’m good and welcome back on the show and just a little introduction for anyone who doesn’t know you mark is an internationally best-selling thriller author with the John Milton and the Beatrix Rose series and other books and he also shares his knowledge with authors at self-publishing formula.com and has a fantastic course on Facebook advertising for authors

International Book Marketing Strategies with Marc Reklau | PPP110 – Book Marketing Resources

hey Mark welcome the show hi Tom thanks for having me absolutely it’s great to have you here so close eee listen absolutely great to have you so if those are you listening you haven’t met mark yet mark rec lau as a house on your name

My dromomanian, mundivagant, solivagous life as a female flaneur | Luxurious Nomad

While that statement may not be totally grammatically correct, it does sum up my Luxurious Nomad life. As you may know, I love words – not just writing, but the actual understanding of language, how it is used to convey meaning, when and where that meaning is sometimes lost, and so much more… While it …