The 5 most effective book marketing strategies you need to start using today. – Book Marketing Resources

hi my name is Derrick Murphy I’m the author of book marketing is dead and I’m going to tell you a few things you can do to market your book I get asked a lot of times there’s so many things you can focus on online and sites and social media or whatever but there’s only a few actual things that work and they work really well but they take time to develop so you’ve got to make them your priority and really focus on them if you want to be successful in 2015

Book Marketing – How to reach a million people with your book – Book Marketing Resources

how to reach a million people with your book if you’re an author if you have an idea or if you have a business that you want to reach a lot of people you want to reach a million people you need to create a movement this has to be important you have to have a message that is worth spreading

The Basics of Marketing Your Book – Book Marketing Resources

hi guys welcome back to my channel last week we discuss the different avenues that you can take to publish your book either traditional publishing or self-publishing no matter which route you take one thing stands true you as the author will be mostly responsible for the marketing and promotion of your book

Vienna's beautiful Hotel Bristol | Luxurious Nomad

Vienna abounds with luxury, elegance, and beauty – and they were all combined in my experience last night at the Hotel Bristol. Opened in 1892, this beautiful hotel was named after the British town of Bristol. Former US President Theodore Roosevelt resided at the Hotel Bristol in Vienna´s city center in 1910. From the hotel …

Listening to Strauss where STRAUSS played Strauss! | Luxurious Nomad

I booked this event weeks ago and have been looking forward to it ever since.  Not only was the Kursalon on my bucket list, but the thought of going to a Strauss concert and listening to Strauss music being played where STRAUSS himself used to play his compositions…  Bliss! The website captures it perfectly:  “In …

Life's Never Boring with 20,000 Protesters! | Luxurious Nomad

Curled up in my lovely apartment, and I begin to hear a thudding cadence approaching… At first I thought, oh, it’s a small parade or something… …and then they kept coming… …and coming… …and coming… …and coming…  For almost an hour they kept coming, despite the snow that was beginning to flurry… …and somehow it …

Budapest to Vienna via Bratislava, Slovakia | Luxurious Nomad

Although I forgot to program fine weather into the holodeck for this trip, I had a marvellous time travelling by road from Budapest to Vienna, with a stop-off in Bratislava in Slovakia. While there are no border crossings for passport checking and the like, one does need to have a sticker for the particular country’s …